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The crop protection sector of DVA AGRO was founded in 1993. Since then our market-share in this business has been growing steadily and today we are successfully marketing generic crop protection products in many countries worldwide.

Global R&D Teams

Efficient products and new formulations are the basis of DVA's success.

Our long-standing experience shows that there are no ready-made solutions when it comes to effective food production. That is why we have positioned ourselves as a company with a range of first-class, patent-free crop protection products with which we can solve virtually every application problem

Product Portfolio


Product Portfolio

1 Abamectin 36 g/L + Thiametoxam 12 g/L SC Nematicide Soya
2 Acetamiprid 100 g/l + Abamectin 20 g/l EC Nematicide Soya
3 Acetamiprid 50 g/l + Emamectin Benzoate 20 g/l EC Insecticide Maize, Soya, Wheat
4 Acetamiprid 40 g/l + Lambda Cyhalothrin 12,5 g/l ME Insecticide Tobacco, Wheat, Cotton
5 Emamectin Benzoate 19,2 g/l EC Insecticide Maize, Soya, Wheat
6 Indoxacarb 30 g/l + Acetamiprid 50 g/l SC Insecticide Maize, Soya, Wheat
7 Indoxacarb 150 SC Insecticide Maize
8 Lambda-Cyhalothrin 50 g/l + Imidacloprid 125 g/l SC Insecticide Maize, Cotton
9 Lufenuron 400g/kg + Emamectin Benzoat 100g/kg WDG Insecticide Maiz
blank 10 Oxymatrine 2.4% SL Botanical Insecticide Various

Crop protection products of the highest quality.

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