When we talk about variety, we mean a complete assortment. We offer crop protection products that are only of the highest quality.

Thanks to our wide range of products we are able to solve practically any application problem. As a result of many years of experience, we know that effective farming often requires individual solutions. Our wide range of standout products enables us to create perfect answers for constantly changing challenges and application difficulties in the field of crop management.

Specialized in differentiated product development.

Product Portfolio

Unique Herbicides

Herbicides are an integral part of sustainable crop management. Our herbicides help growers to protect their crops while increasing yields and quality. DVA provides special solutions for an integrated pest management through unique formulations and mixtures.

Safe Insecticides

Pest management is an essential part of efficient modern agriculture. Our insecticides play a key role in programs that deal with various pests. They ward off pests, promote cell growth and the restoration of plants. Furthermore, our insecticides stimulate the natural defenses of plants safeguarding them from fungal infection and many environmental stresses.

Effective Fungicides

Healthier plants with higher yields are the result of our plant fungicides. They allow farmers to control a wide range of crop diseases. Products from DVA offer various benefits with numerous fungicidal modes of action, protecting plants from the surface of the leaves to the core.


We offer our customers a widespread portfolio of mixtures which enhance the application efficiency and reduce the problem of weed resistance to single inputs.

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Customer experience: Facility

Customer experience: Facility

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DVA Crop Nutrition®

DVA Crop Nutrition® is a division of DVA Agro GmbH. It starts its operation on 1st of March 2019 and is located in Malaga – Spain, one of the world´s leading regions for Crop Nutrition Technologies. The new division will build up a broad portfolio for our global operation with a focus on the farmers local needs and challenges.

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Biological Solutions

Our biological or biologically derived agents are used on plants to fight harmful organisms. They are based on natural products or microorganisms and are applied like conventional pesticides. However, they achieve pest control in a way that is far more friendly to the environment. Biological crop protection products are economical alternatives for the fields of foliar applications, soil amendments and seed treatments. They are biodegradable and renewable substances. Equally efficient are bio-fungicidal seed treatments. They can be used to fight fungal pathogens in the soil effectively controlling damping-off, seedling blights, seed rots and root rot.

Crop protection products of the highest quality.

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