IPRO-DVA: Fertilizer Catalogue

wdt_ID No. Testing Project / Parameters 检测项目/参数
754 25 Total chlorides 氯化物
755 26 Urea 尿素
756 27 Urea phosphate 磷酸脲
757 28 Zinc sulfate 硫酸锌
758 29 Biuret 缩二脲
759 30 Sulfate heptahydrate 硫酸亚铁
760 31 Sodium borate 硼酸钠
731 2 Ammonium chloride 氯化铵
732 3 Ammonium suophate 硫酸铵
733 4 Calcium ammonium nitrate 硝酸铵钙

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Testing Service

According to customer requirements, based on national and international standards.


Sampling Inspection

Execution of sample testing according to the “Sample Standard Method” or to customer requirements.


Technical Development

Synthesis and certification of analytical standards, screening and identification of impurity.


Cargo Loading Supervision

Conduct cargo loading supervision work according to customer requirements.


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