IPRO-DVA: Other Products

wdt_ID No. Product Name 產品名稱
759 1 Zinc chloride 氯化锌
939 49 Aminotriazole 3-氨基-1,2,4-三氮唑
938 48 Sodium hexafluorosilicate 氟硅酸钠
937 47 Diisopropyl malonate  丙二酸二异丙酯
936 46 MIBC 甲基异丁基甲醇
935 45 Salicylicacid 水杨酸
934 44 Dichloroacetic acid 二氯乙酸
933 43 Hexanedioic acid 己二酸
932 42 Magnesium oxide 氧化镁
892 2 Sodium citrate 柠檬酸钠

Our Services


Testing Service

According to customer requirements, based on national and international standards.


Sampling Inspection

Execution of sample testing according to the “Sample Standard Method” or to customer requirements.


Technical Development

Synthesis and certification of analytical standards, screening and identification of impurity.


Cargo Loading Supervision

Conduct cargo loading supervision work according to customer requirements.


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Please download the IPRO-DVA brochure for more information. Feel free to contact us regarding agrochemical testing services, sampling inspection, technical development and cargo supervision. Our expert team will be glad to advise you at any time.

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